The Python is a scene wherein the boat passes a python in a tree.



Main article:  Disneyland's Jungle Cruise


Magic KingdomEdit

Main article:  Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise

The boat curves along with the river, and passes a python on the port side. It's yellow with brown spots, and wrapped around a dying tree. It moves its neck back and forth, and flicks its tongue at the boat.




Magic KingdomEdit

The scene takes place on the Congo, after the Abandoned Pygmy Camp , but before the Gorilla Camp .




Magic KingdomEdit

Threats Edit

Whoa, this might explain where the pygmies went! On the left is a giant python. They can grow to be thirty-three feet long--[The skipper looks directly at a child.]--and swallow small children whole!

Y'know, we always have to be on the look-out for danger in the the bushes...and in the--[The skipper notices the python.]--watch out for that tree, there! It's a giant python! Careful; if you lean out, he might lean in and give you the old "Congo Squeeze!" It's guaranteed to leave you breathless!

Wordplay Edit

Whoa, this might explain where the pygmies went! On the left is a giant python. They can grow up to be twenty-four feet long. They're friendly creatures. They can get a crush on you, believe me. It's a little smothering. Trust me; you don't wanna get wrapped up in that. It's a really constricting relationship.

[The skipper is so focused on the pygmies' absence that they never notice the python:] Here in the jungle, I'm in charge of your safety and your entertainment, yet my friends flaked out on us in cold blood! I know this is a lot to swallow, and I'm sorry to get wrapped up in it, but constrictions like this could crush me! I wonder what tipped the scales and made 'em recoil...? Oh, well. Let's slither over to my campsite.

Jingle Cruise Edit

Main article: Jingle Cruise

Look at that present! It's a tree, all wrapped up with a boa on top!

That snake's showing the holiday spirit! He's stalking! [As in "stocking."] If we get any closer, it might get a stocking-stuffer!

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