Inspiration Falls is a scene wherein the boat passes a small waterfall.


On the port side, water trickles down the crevices of a craggy stone.

On the starboard side, a poorly hidden bamboo fence that blocks sightlines of Pirates of the Caribbean's show building.


The scene takes places on the Amazon, after the Butterflies, but before entering the Congo.


Inspiration Edit

The Amazon carries four times as much water as any other river. A lot of it comes from waterfalls like this one.

This is Inspiration Falls, and you know, sometimes people wonder why it's called "Inspiration Falls." Well, it's because it inspires usually sensible people to travel deeper and deeper into the jungle. Isn't that beautiful? Everybody say, "Ooooh!" Everybody say, "Aaaaah!" That's inspiration if I ever heard it. We're going on, folks!

This is Inspiration Falls, so named because it inspires us to go deeper and deeper into the jungle. [Pause.] Doesn't it? [Pause.] Yes, I can definitely see that it does.

Are we inspired to go deeper into the jungle? [Without waiting for a response:] Good, let's go.

Singing Edit

This is Inspiration Falls, and sometimes, entire boat-loads of people ask me--all at once, perfectly synchronized--"Why do you call it Inspiration Falls?"

  • [If the audience responds:] I'm glad you asked!
  • [If the audience doesn't respond:] And sometimes they don't ask me, but I tell 'em anyway.
  • [Either way:] Because it's said that, if you listen carefully, you can hear it singing a song that inspires you deeper into the jungle. Let's listen. Can anyone hear it?
  • [If the audience doesn't hear it:] Good. After all, we haven't been in the jungle that long, folks.

It's called "Inspiration Falls" because, legend has it, that if you listen carefully, you can hear the falls singing to you, inspiring you to go deeper and deeper into the jungle.

  • [Cup hand to ear and listen to Falls, as if you're hearing something.] Did anyone else hear it sing?
  • [If no response:] Nobody? Whoa. I guess I've been in the jungle too long...
  • [If the response is, "Yes:"] You did? I'm afraid we've already been in the jungle too long...

Jingle Cruise Edit

Main article: Jingle Cruise

Here's Inspiration Falls. Your may be asking why we call this "Inspiration Falls." Well, it's because it inspires even the biggest Scrooges to go Christmas Caroling! [To the tune of "Jingle Bells:"] Jingle Cruise, Jingle Cruise, jingle all--okay, maybe not.

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